Wednesday 2 October 2013

Changing Intellij Idea error & warning highlighting

I recently ran into a Method Signature Mismatch bug in some Groovy code, admittedly it was untested code, but even so, I would still expect my IDE to flag it as a major problem, rather than a weak maybe.

Unfortunately this seems related to the way Intellij detects problems, and because Groovy is dynamic, it is much harder to determine if something is a real error.

I would prefer things to be highlighted properly, which meant a few changes in Intellij highlighting settings.

Turns out, it is a little harder than I expected to get it to work out, ie: deep config change.
So I am adding a small screen capture to help.

1. Setting > Editor > Colors & Fonts > General
2. select Warning
3. Change colors to the ones you want to see
4. Verify it looks correct in the example code.

Please note, this only affects the code editor.
The files themselves will NOT get underlined.
ie: in Changes or Project views.

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