Saturday 29 March 2008

How to make a difficult descision - an analysis of Global Warming

I recently came across the series of videos produced by wonderingmind42 on the risk management analysis of the current gloabal warming crisis. Also available on manpollo.

He proposes a very compelling argument. And what is more, it is simple.

Also very interesting, is that his very detailed videos (there is nearly 6 hours in total) also teach the principals he is using to perform the analysis... and they are entertaining...! WOW.

He is a science teacher, but still I am impressed by the amount that can be learnt, from watching even a small fraction of his available videos.

I have long awaited someone bringing back interest and fun into important educational topics, this is a very nice example.

If you have any interest in Global Warming, or you would like to learn more about scientific principals, or you would like to undersand more about risk analysis, then I seriously suggest you have a look.

Here is the first video, covering the basics:


Then more on how science works:


And finally some on risk analysis


If you like any of this, take some time and watch more of his videos.

You will learn a lot.

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