Tuesday 4 March 2008

GIT on Windows...are they forking already?

I already have cygwin installed, with GIT.

I have just been trying the mingw32 based version of GIT.

Mostly because I wanted to see the QT based QGIT, which will work directly with the mingw32 version of GIT.

What I want to point out, is that these two versions seem slightly incompatible...

A full commit from cygwin, comes up in mingw32 as all files modified and needing commiting.... but this have been because I started things in the middle of a commit.

another point that concerns me, is that mingw32 GIT automatically converts LF to CRLF, ie: it makes things windows specific... As I develop on windows to use on linux, that is a problem.

Something is wrong if these two are unable to communicate properly, especially as they should be using the the same repository files, ie: .git folder.

I hope they get it together soon.

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