Friday 22 February 2008

GIT on Windows XP (winXP)

I am still experimenting with this... but...

You can get GIT running by simply downloading and running the cgywin installer.

Run the installer in standard configuration, and obviously include GIT... but also make sure to include VIM, as this is required to edit the comments. (PERL is required, but should be in the default installed packages. Make sure it is.)

Finally, you need to fix the whitespace issue caused by the difference between UNIX and WINDOWS carriage-return/line-feed. If you edit a file in a windows tool, it will leave an extra line-feed that triggers the error. The fix for this comes Capi's Corner...

Edit .git/hooks/pre-commit and comment the following lines(c. line 58).

if (/\s$/) {
bad_line("trailing whitespace", $_);

You should now be able to commit properly.

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